The Company’s Management includes three Directors forming the Board of Directors namely Mr. Arjun Gupta, Mrs. Karishma Gupta and Mrs. Sarita Gupta. The day to day working of the Company is taken cared of by the following persons under the supervision and guidance of the Board of Directors:




Vishal Sharma Creative Manager Packaging & Designs Post – Graduate
Om Prakash IT Manager I.T Software & Hardware Post – Graduate
Madhu Chauhan Customer Care Executive Customer Care Post – Graduate
Surjeet SIngh Customer Care Executive Customer Care Graduate
Sneha Tiwari Customer Care Executive Customer Care Graduate
Pradeep Yadav Accounts Manager Finance & Accounts Post – Graduate
Nishant Sharma Accounts Executive Finance & Accounts Post – Graduate
Rajesh Kumar HR Manager HR & Payroll Graduate
Pankaj Kumar Dispatch Manager Stock & Dispatch Graduate
Arun Kumar Dispatch Executive Stock & Dispatch Graduate

With such professionals in the saddle of affairs, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands and
AURETICS is undeniably going to be a lucrative business for you.