About Company

About Auretics Limited

Auretics Limited is India’s fastest growing Direct Selling company which has developed India’s largest online retail platform for the exponential growth of its distributors. With over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing, Research & Development of Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic products, the founders concocted Auretics. Auretics provides innovative & Made-In-India products via its ISO & GMP certified partners to ensure that there is no trade-off in quality. Our strong network is built on the principles of Trust, Integrity, and Transparency ensuring that our customers receive exceptional products. We believe that a right system is one that prioritises comprehensive education, ongoing support, and personal development, that is why we have crafted one of the best training and counselling model in the industry.

Also, Our vision is to bring economic excellence to every household, that is why we have the highest payout distribution in the industry. Customer Satisfaction is paramount in Auretics, as we deliver exceptional products and services, ensuring that our customers' needs are met and their loyalty is valued.

Discover why thousands of young minds and housewives
choose Auretics to build their career

Team of Experts

You can design your life with financial independence, flexibility, and personal fulfillment.

Freedom of Life

We offer resources and support to help our customers and distributors learn more about natural products and how they can benefit from them.

Highest Payout Distribution

We provide a highly rewarding and transparent compensation plan that allows our distributors to earn substantial income and enjoy financial freedom.

Extensive Training and Support

We offer comprehensive training & mentorship programs with ongoing support to empower our distributors with the knowledge, skills, and tools.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We have optimized our platforms, systems, and digital tools to enhance operations, productivity and customer experiences.

Finest Customer Care

Our dedicated team provides the finest customer care, ensuring your needs are met with utmost attention and support.

Personality Development Workshops

Elevate your potential with our transformative Trainings & Seminars.

Philanthropy & Social Impact

We demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and giving back to the community.



Guaranteeing to provide services that are value driven and truly world class and top notch in terms of Quality.


Looking forward to work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.


We manage customer expectations preemptively by building a supportive company culture and offer 100% reliable solutions.


Looking forward to work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.


Fostering innovation in businesses by helping them run efficiently with increased value, quality and productivity.


Looking forward to work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.


We develop such relationships with our allies that help make a positive difference in everyone’s lives.


Being truthful and humble in all our dealings is what we look forward to always.

Mission & Vision


What makes us different ?

We empower people by spreading success. We have setup novel benchmarks by implementing high business standard and ethics. We offer legitimate, innovative and equal earning opportunities coupled with excellent customer satisfaction and protection.
Together we can transform the lives of millions of families by educating and inspiring them to live a happy and healthy life with a positive outlook.

We will take ownership to solve the problems faced by our advisors by having a constant interaction with them.

We look forward to increase the longevity of our teams by empowering the advisors to become a leader.

We will maximize the results by recognizing the potential in every individual.


What makes us different ?



We empower people to lead lives with financial freedom

The fundamental objective of Auretics has always been to modify the lives of people by providing them with a myriad of opportunities that let them enjoy financial independence. Also, we strive to empower people socially by enabling them with relevant skills. We look forward to transform the way you live by providing you a passive income opportunity: