Code of Ethics to be followed by Auretics Advisors:

It is important that you read the Auretics Code of Ethics (the “Code”) and the Rules of Conduct (the “Rules”) below, as they form an integral part of the terms of the advisor application form.

An Auretics advisor must comply with the Code and Rules and any amendments to them that have been published on the website or newsletter or otherwise communicated to the advisor.

Auretics reserves the right to terminate at any time, and with immediate effect, the membership of any advisor who has provided false information on the advisor application form or who is violating the Code or the Rules. Terminated Auretics advisor lose all rights and privileges that accompany with the Auretics Distributorship, including their network, bonus, commissions and funds. The Code and the Rules are there for your protection and to ensure that all fellow advisors maintain the same high standards. In line with Auretics ethical standards, all Auretics Advisors are expected to, and shall comply with any and all legal requirements of the country, even if certain obligations are not restated in the Code or the Rules.

As the owner of my Auretics Distributorship, I agree to conduct my Auretics business according to the following ethical guidelines:

1)  I will perform all my duties as an Auretics Advisor and maintain the highest standards of conduct. Auretics expects you to observe and strictly adhere to the following guidelines at all times that apply to all Auretics Advisors.

2)  I will at all times follow the Code of Ethics and the Rules of Conduct in the letter as well as in spirit, and comply with and strictly adhere to the guidelines, systems, requirements, procedures, policies, terms and conditions mentioned in It.

3)  My guiding principle for doing business with anyone I meet in my capacity as an Auretics Advisor is to treat them as fairly as I would like to be treated myself.

4)  I will not engage in activities that may bring disrepute to Auretics or any Auretics products/services and are detrimental to Auretics image/business.

5)  I will present the Auretics Products, the Auretics business opportunities, the related trainings and the other opportunities and benefits offered by Auretics to my customers and Advisors in an honest and truthful manner. Whether verbal or in writing, I will make only such claims related to the product, the earnings and the other opportunities that are mentioned in the official Auretics literature.

6)  I will at all times make a fair and truthful presentation of Auretics products & services, the sales and marketing plan, and I shall make sure to present what Is approved in official Auretics publications.

7)  I will be courteous and prompt in servicing and taking orders from my customers, as well as in the handling of complaints.

8)  I shall be courteous and prompt in the handling of any or all claims for exchange and return and follow the procedures prescribed by Auretics from time to time in its official publication.

9)  I will always carry out the responsibilities of an Auretics Advisor and that of Sponsor as detailed in official Auretics publication and not indulge in any activity, which damages any Advisor’s group or business.

10)  I will conduct myself in a civilized and courteous manner of the highest standard while representing Auretics to the world at large as this may have grave consequences for the Auretics Business.

11)  I will only use Auretics produced or Auretics Authorised Literature and publications to protect the Auretics Business.

12)  I will not promote the opportunity/product/services of other companies in direct or indirect competition to Auretics. Also, l will not directly or indirectly deal with anyone from any competition companies.

13)  I will not covertly or overtly undermine any of the Company’s initiatives or manipulate any Company Promotions, Overseas Trips, or any other activity, etc.

14)  I shall not in any circumstances use the Auretics network for marketing products other than those approved by Auretics.

15)  I will always follow the 3 Cardinal Rules of the Auretics Business:

a) I will never do anything the first time without checking with my upline and with Auretics Team.

b) I will never disrespect anybody or his/her’s Relative, Ego, or Money.

c) I will never pass any negative comments or do any activity that might damage my downlines and cross lines, thus putting the larger Auretics business at risk.