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Embarking on a new journey? It is crucial to have in-depth knowledge about the path which you will be traveling as it makes the journey a lot easier, effective, and worthy. We at AURETICS would highlight that once you have registered with us as an Advisor, make sure to give a read at our Business Plans and understand well the opportunity that lies ahead of you to fulfill your dreams.

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AURETICS Business Plan ensures that you are earning in proportion to the efforts you put in while being mindful of your earlier efforts and achievements by offering you benefits like rewarding bonuses, pool income, etc. Have a glance at our Top Business Plans:

Savings on Consistent Self-Consumption

upto 22% + 100% Cashback^

Retail Margin

upto 22%

Personal Bonus

7% – 16%

Fortune Bonus (10x)

10 times of PB*

Sharing Bonus

6% Pool**

Nurturing Bonus

upto 20% of Lead Circle’s PB***

Business Master Bonus

20% Pool**

Vacation Fund

8% of Bonus#

Automobile Fund

10% of Bonus#

Shelter Fund

12% of Bonus#

Consistent Retailer’s Income

100% Cashback^

! All Bonuses and Incentives are subject to qualifications. Please read the Business Plan carefully to understand our Bonus and Incentive schemes carefully. Terms & Conditions applies.
* Every month, monthly Personal Bonus earned by 1% advisors will be increase by 10 times. Selection of Advisors for Fortune Bonus will be done randomly by the system.
** Earning is paid on the basis of points achieved by the respective advisors. Value of these points will be announced by the company after each month and are likely to vary every month.
*** Percentage and circle considered for Nurturing Bonus increases based on the title progression of the Advisors. It starts from 5% of the Personal Bonus earned by the downlines in the Influence Circle (all advisor till five generations down) till 20% of the Personal Bonus earned by the downlines in the Lead Circle (all advisor till ten generations down). 
# Funds are given as a part of Bonus Earnings, that only includes earning from Personal Bonus, Sharing Bonus, Nurturing Bonus and Business Master Bonus.
## Loyalty will be provided to Advisors purchasing loyalty products for more than Rs.2,000 per month for every month till 6months/12months. Advisor can purchase loyalty products from the coupons received.
^ Subject to minimum purchasing in the earning as well as in the redeeming month. 100% cashback is given on the BV earned in the month. Loyalty cashback can be redeemed on selected items and till stock lasts only.


Successful Entrepreneurship

Be a consistent user of products

Earn more by sharing the products

Augment the business value by sharing it

Enrich yourself by supporting others