Jago Grahak Jago, an initiative launched by the Department of Food under the Government of India is a consumer awareness program to help Indian Consumers understand their rights and also their duties as consumers. By the same token, Auretics sights to create awareness among the consumers and transform the mindless consumption into conscious decisions by putting in that extra mile for each product and process and introducing an entire range of 100% Natural products.

Consumer Awareness is a social, economic, and political concern. As a part of this, Auretics seeks to bring about change in the world of conscious consumption by educating consumers about the price, standard, and quality of the products so that the consumers are protected against unfair and unethical trade practices. We also aim to create awareness and look forward to promoting and protecting consumers from any types of fraud or unethical practices by ensuring:

  • To protect the consumer against the promotion and selling of products and services that are hazardous to the life and property of consumers.
  • Consumers are properly informed and educated about the price, standard, purity, potency, quantity, and quality of the products so that they are protected against unfair and unethical trade practices.
  • Each and every consumer should have the right to be assured.
  • Every consumer must have the right to be heard at different forums.
  • The consumer should have his right to look for justice and address any unethical or unfair trade practice that aims to exploit the consumer.
  • Every consumer should be educated about the campaign Jago Grahak Jago.



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