How network marketing companies work in india?

How Network Marketing Works in India?

Network Marketing is a highly effective business model that involves selling premium good quality products at fair prices directly to the consumers instead of distributing the products at stores or to companies that further use a network of distributors. This business model is very lucrative as the distributors connect with customers on a one-to-one basis and work towards providing value-driven services along with enriching the lives of customers in every possible way. Network Marketing is indeed a great opportunity to start your own business and empower others to lead a life on their own terms while embarking on the journey to financial freedom, working from your comfort place at flexible hours. Let us take you through the complete process of how does a network marketing company work in India:

  • Recruiting Advisors
    Network Marketing as the name suggests involves a well-connected network of people to run a successful show. For this, a network marketing company begins by recruiting a group of people known as advisors who are passionate about selling network marketing company’s products.
  • Encouraging Advisors to sell products
    Now, rather than paying them salaries, a network marketing company offers to sell them the products at a discounted price and encourages them to further sell them to others at the full market price. Under this, everything that the advisor will make from the product sales will go directly into his/her pocket.
  • Advisors reinvest the money to expand the business
    In many cases, advisors tend to reinvest the money they’ve earned into buying more products in the pursuit of expanding their business, which they go on to sell to even more people, thus increasing their income.
  • Motivating advisors to recruit a downline team of their own
    Besides encouraging the advisors to sell their products, network marketing companies motivate their advisors to recruit new advisors themselves and in turn, the sales made by these recruits are attributable to the advisor too and he/she is compensated by a small percentage of the sales made by the new recruits, commonly referred to as the advisor’s downline.

Well, it must be clear from the aforementioned notion that it does not stop here as the sole motive is to empower and inspire more and more people to expand their horizons that ultimately leads to financial security. At AURETICS, we look forward to creating economic excellence by providing self-enhancement opportunities and encouraging the recruits to recruit a downline of their own and the process goes on. In many cases, advisors with extensive downline teams do not even sell products by themselves as they receive sufficient commissions from their downline teams’ sales. Without any doubt, this system effectively motivates existing distributors to build up their downline teams and lead a bright future with good health and financial independence.