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Nurajoint is India’s first Ayurvedic pain reliever for joint pain. The formula is unique in its approach to reducing inflammation and pain. It helps reduce swelling, mobility issues, and muscle cramps within 15 minutes of use. Nurajoint is a 100% natural, ayurvedic remedy for joint pain that does not cause any side effects. It contains extracts of some of the rarest medicinal plants found in the world, formulated to provide quick relief from joint pain and swelling.

It has several constituents.Some of them are as follows :

1)Mahanarayan Oil: Mahanarayan oil is a blend of only pure, natural oils without any other additives. It contains sesame and mustard seed oil that are widely known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The massage with this oil helps in reducing muscle tension and the pain due to sore muscles and joints.It is an Ayurvedic oil that reduces muscle tension and treats sore muscles and joints. A blend of herbal ingredients that relaxes your muscles, provides relief from joint pain, improves blood circulation, and relieves spasms.

2)Nilgiri oil: Nilgiri Oil: Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Decongestant Deodorant, Disinfectant, Antiseptic, Antibacterial. Nilgiri oil is extracted from the leaves of the Neem tree. This oil is known as the oil of choice because it is very helpful in maintaining a healthy respiratory tract. Oil is extracted by cold pressing the fresh leaves of the Neem tree, and you can find it in liquid form. The active ingredient in this oil is azadirachtin, which is found mostly in the leaves. This oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, which are extremely useful properties in a deodorant. It is also very effective in treating skin conditions such as acne, skin infections, eczema and psoriasis. This oil is widely used in ayurvedic medicine, and has been shown to help treat a wide range of diseases, including the following:

3)Nirgundi oil: Nirgundi is the most natural and effective oil available for fast relief from joint pain and inflammation. The essence of its formula comes from a rare herb called Mahudh which is found in the Himalayas. It contains a unique compound that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, as well as many other essential oils that can help to relieve your joints. Nurajoint is a natural health product that can effectively cure joint pain, swelling and inflammation. It has been formulated with the goodness of many herbs that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic effect. This herbal oil is an effective remedy for joint pains and swelling without any side effects. Nirgundi oil – a special Ayurvedic blend of oils that is light on the skin, penetrates fast and provides relief from your pain. This specially blended oil from Ayurveda has been used by thousands of people to provide relief from muscle aches, swelling, stiffness and arthritis. Nirgundi Oil is an herbal oil that is extracted from the seeds of medicinal herb called “Nirgundi” (Hibiscus rosa sinensis). This product helps in reducing inflammation, pain and congestion in muscles and joints by removing toxins.

4)Cinnamon Oil:

Cinnamon is one of the most common and popular spices in the world. It has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties and still continues to be used today as a natural remedy for many health problems, including arthritis, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other respiratory issues, weight loss and many more. Nurajoint Cinnamon Oil is an effective and natural joint pain relief product. It is formulated with 100% organic and pure cinnamon oil, which is scientifically proven to be anti-inflammatory, has relaxant properties on muscles and improves blood circulation.Cinnamon oil is one of the most active ingredients in our product. It’s unique health benefits are well known as it helps in reducing inflammation and pain while improving circulation. It also helps to prevent heart diseases and blood pressure problems.

Cinnamon oil can be added to a variety of recipes or simply used for aromatherapy. A lot of people enjoy the taste but it’s also great to know it’s healthy for your body. In addition to the health benefits mentioned above, cinnamon oil can help to reduce the risk of heart disease. By stimulating blood flow it can also help to reduce the risk of blood clots and plaque buildup.

Content: Our product has a powerful mixture of essential oils. These oils are known for their various health benefits and they smell fantastic!